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 Asphalt primer is used for the preparation of all types of surfaces prior to the application of hot or cold asphalt coatings. Prime coats protect the integrity of the base during construction.  It also helps to prevent erosion of the materials under the asphalt.


Emulsion Asphalt Prime should meet D.O.T. specifications.  We recommend you pull samples.


Asphalt Tacking is put on pavement to promote bonding.  The application of tacking bonds the existing surface and the new layer of asphalt being applied. 


A tack coat must be applied between each layer to bond the materials together.


Sanding is necessary when priming.  After priming, sand is spread over the top of the prime coat.  The sand is able to help pack and seal the prime coat.  It also acts as a protection during the curing process of the prime coat.

Seal Coating

Seal Coating is a protective coating that protects asphalt and extends the lift of it.  Seal Coat materials are used for aesthetics as well as protection.  The material can cover small cracks protecting the base below the asphalt preventing further damage to the asphalt. 

Asphalt Maintenance

Along with seal coating, striping, milling, and chip sealing, D&R Prime offers other asphalt maintenance services as well including grading, patching, pot hole repair, and small scale paving services.  

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